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Tatto Rehab was built from the ground up to offer a groundbreaking software-based platform that empowers patients with post-stroke conditions. We also empower the families of those patients to assist in the rehabilitation from home. We tailor the training sessions based on their daily condition, and share data with the professionals following them.


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Our service is based on a neurocognitive approach increasing the quality of results while decreasing the side effects leading to disability. The software aims to leverage all the training sessions possible to increase the amount and the quality of training, reducing the overall time of the recover.

Tatto Health is here to solve these problems. Here’s how:

One of the family members of the patient downloads an app and will receive a series of sensors and a tool The patient will have an initial 10 lessons to start working immediately and reducing the development of side effects that this condition brings (hypertonia, spasticity). Those conditions severely increase the effects of the disability. Our software will guide one of the family members in order to run the lessons with the patient. The software Artificial Intelligence will develop the lessons and assign a specific calendar. The patient will wear some sensors that will be used by the software to guide the family member during the lessons and assess the results. The Artificial Intelligence will analyze and correct the lessons and provide finalized analysis to the practitioner following the patient. The practitioner will access all the data, results, and can interact by giving advices and adjusting the program.